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Emotional Healings


Depression, lack of clarity: I once went to a psychologist and she wanted to try anti-depressants...I eventually talked her out of it somehow. I know now it was a spiritual depression.

Amazingly, I have regained a new lease on life. I have joy, enthusiasm, and the pleasure of giving birth to a new way of being. No longer am I suffering with a lack of direction and malaise.

I want to commend The Yoga College of Ft. Lauderdale. Each teacher has been inspirational. I have enjoyed having several different teachers and learning techniques from each one.

I have a true rebirth in my life! This yoga is so challenging that I have no desire but to jump in and master as much as I can. I would like you to know that this month I have only missed 2 days of class (thats 14 classes total). I have taken the 5 day/week club offered at my studio.

Thanks again. It is a true blessing that I found you guys, and I am committed to staying true to the discipline. I am glad that at age 29, I have something as precious as this in my life!


For several years I was in search of a way to feel postive and confident about myself. Before I started Bikram's classes, I was working out 6 days a week weight training and intructing dance classes to help with my self-esteem and confidence as well as physique. This went on for about 13 years. This lifestyle seemed to make me feel okay, but never fullfilled what I was striving for. With lack of confidence and self worth, I was in and out of abusive relationships in hopes of finding someone to fulfill the void of a low self esteem.

After moving away and suffering from severe gym burnout, I became a very unhappy, negative, as well as an upleasant person to be around. Everything would annoy or upset me. It was very rare that I was calm and happy. It was then that I realized that I needed to do something, but did not want counseling or anti-depressants to balance me. I was always interested in YOGA, and sort of stumbled on to Bikram's classes. Within the first 2 days I began to feel at peace and content with myself and life. I felt very positive and peaceful about things. I did not have anymore anxiety built up in my chest. When something happens that would normally have stressed me out or made me angy or sad, it does not. My family, friends and co-workers have noticed a major difference in me and my self-esteem and attitude. . . . Bikram's classes have actually made me feel as though I am on a constant level of happiness and tranquility.

I have truly grown to love who I am again. I am so grateful to Bikram's Yoga for allowing me to enjoy loving life again. I cannot put into words how much I owe it to you Bikram for changing my life. My advice would be to anyone, if you are going thru hard times in your life, regardless of what they are, try Bikram's Yoga classes. Whether it is 2 days a week or 7, They will definately be a postive asset in your life. Thanks again Bikram, I cannot thank you enough.



Weight Loss:It may not make me proud, but I'll admit it; I first came to yoga out of a desire to attain that lean, toned, fit "yoga body" that women

I am diabetic type 1 and have been injecting since 1989, when I was diadnosed age 6. I have been lucky to learn a great deal from my diabetes.

In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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