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Hypertension and Stress


Hypertension or high blood pressure, elevated blood pressure resulting from an increase in the amount of blood pumped by the heart or from increased resistance to the flow of blood through the small arterial blood vessels (arterioles). Hypertension is generally defined as a blood pressure reading greater than 140 over 90. When the cause is unknown, the condition is called primary, or essential, hypertension. When a cause can be identified (e.g., a disorder of the adrenal glands, kidneys, or arteries), the condition is known as secondary hypertension. Factors such as heredity, obesity, smoking, and emotional stress are thought to play a role; the usual immediate cause is an imbalance in the body's vasoconstriction/fluid retention systems, often involving a decrease in the kidney's secretion of the regulatory hormone, renin.

Eric M Jimenez, Chicago, Illinois

I recently became thirty-five years old. I feel I am finally on the road to spiritual, mind and body awareness. I am currently on hypertension medications and have been for the past year, have a fatty liver and am fifty pounds overweight. I work for a medical facility in Chicago and have always strived towards a healthy lifestyle.

I started attending Bikram Yoga College of India Chicago in early April 2005. It was because of a visit with my new alternative internal medicine physician and my initial need to discontinue the hypertension medication which prompted me to seek the benefits of Bikram Yoga. I also wanted to manage my stress level in a healthier way.

Thanks, initially, to the Bikram instructors, Michael and Connie at the BYCIC Studio in Lincoln Park-Chicago, ho primarily counseled me telephonically. They encouraged me to attend the Bikram Yoga classes on a continual basis for at least two to three months. They told me of the health benefits and what my expectations would be in the first few weeks. I signed up for three months. The discipline, instruction, encouragement from all of the instructors and the students helped me endure the first twenty one days to which I attended continuously. Even through back cramping, I believed in the healing information regarding the compression of glands and the flushing of oxygenated blood. The Bikram Yoga instructors helped me become more in touch with my mind and body.

I really enjoy, if that is possible, Bikram Yoga. It makes me feel more complete and whole. I am definitely experiencing the benefits from the program. I have to say, if it weren’t for all of my instructors: Michael, John, Connie, Mary, Meghan, Carrie, Beth, Amy, Brian and whomever I missed... I wouldn't be feeling this wonderful and content. This is the first time where I feel a program has really helped me get back in touch with myself.

I have been attending class for the past two months and a half. I have lost fifteen pounds. My body mass has been shifting from a larger frame to a longer and leaner frame. I am more flexible. I am breathing deeply. I am listening to myself. I believe I am on the road to a healthier and connected awareness to me.

My thanks to Bikram Choudhury, his students/instructors and his Yogi...



Weight Loss:It may not make me proud, but I'll admit it; I first came to yoga out of a desire to attain that lean, toned, fit "yoga body" that women

I am diabetic type 1 and have been injecting since 1989, when I was diadnosed age 6. I have been lucky to learn a great deal from my diabetes.

In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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