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Menopause & Depression


Menopause or climacteric is the transitional phase in a woman's life when the ovaries stop releasing eggs, ovarian production of estrogen and other hormones tapers off, and menstruation ceases. It results from declining ovarian function due to aging of the ovaries and is usually a gradual process. In the United States, natural menopause occurs at age 51 on average. Premature menopause (due to premature aging of the ovaries, debilitating disease, or infection) and artificial menopause (due to destruction of the ovaries by surgery, irradiation, or purposeful hormone therapy, as in severe premenstrual syndrome) may occur much earlier.

A 52-year old woman writes of her experience: "For the past 7 yrs I have been deteriorating physically--a severed rotator cuff, uterine cancer, sprained foot, painful hip, not to mention menopause.  I came to yoga classes physically and mentally depleted. I am now in the process of trying to do 60 days. 

"After 2 1/2 wks, I have no more hip pain.  My stiffness has diminished; I feel more flexible in both body and mind. I have less depression with better mental stamina. I feel happier and cannot wait to do my yoga. I am astonished that my abdominal muscles are becoming stronger and that feeling is returning.  While doing some of the postures I start to feel my absent uterus.  I now have come to realize that I was massaging so deep internally that I was stimulating nerve roots that created phantom uterine pain.  Most likely I have broken down some of the post surgical adhesions that may have formed . . . .

"I stand tall and proud and tell the world to do YOGA.  HOT YOGA.  It has changed my world    Namaste . . . "


Menopause: It's About Balance by Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf


Weight Loss:It may not make me proud, but I'll admit it; I first came to yoga out of a desire to attain that lean, toned, fit "yoga body" that women

I am diabetic type 1 and have been injecting since 1989, when I was diadnosed age 6. I have been lucky to learn a great deal from my diabetes.

In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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