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Journal Name:
e How ( on line journal)
Date of publication : 11 August,2013
Title of Article :
The Advantages of Bikram Yoga over Traditional Methods of Health Therapy
Authors : Stacy D. Hunter,Ph.D.

Journal Name:
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
Publisher : Elsevier
Date of publication : 21 February,2013.
Title of Article :
Improvements in glucose tolerance with Bikram Yoga in older obese adults- A pilot study
Authors : Stacy D. Hunter,Ph.D, Mandeep Dhindsa, M.B.B.S, Emily Cunningham,M.Ed, Takashi Tarumi,Ph.D, Mohammed Alkatan,Ph.D - Cardiovascular Ageing Research Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, The University of Texas at Austin.

Journal Name:
The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Volume 18, Number 0, 2013,pp.1-5.
Title of Article :
The Effect of Bikram Yoga on Arterial Stiffness in Young and Older Adults
Authors : Stacy D. Hunter,PhD., Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, The University of Texas at Austin, Mandeep S.Dhindsa,MBBS, Emily Cunningham, MEd, Takashi Taruni,PhD, Mohammed Alkatan,MS, Nantinee Nualnim,PhD and Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD.

Journal Name:
Chinese Medicine (Scientific Research Journal) Volume 1, Number 1, (June 2010)
Title of Article :
Bikram Yoga as a Countermeasure of Bone Loss in Women
Authors : Apurba Mukherjee, Ph.D., Prithwis Mukherjee and Dr. Robert R. Rude, M.D.

Journal Name:
The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Volume 22, Number 5, (September 2008)
Title of Article:
Yoga as Steadiness Training : Effects on Motor Variability in Young Adults
Authors : Cady E.F. Hart and Brian L. Tracy, Ph.D., Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado.

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In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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