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Bikram's Yoga College of India

Bikram Yoga World Headquarters
11500 W. Olympic Blvd.Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: 310-854-5800


Bikram Choudhury
Chairman and CEO, Bikram's Yoga College of India

**Everyday Bikram and Rajashree's accounts receive high volume of emails. Please be patient in their response to your inquiries. Thank you.

  Rajashree Choudhury
The Rajashree Collection

Monica N. Shigenaga
Assistant to Chairman/CEO
Dr. Bikram Choudhury

  Rizza de Vega
Accounts Payable
Bikram Yogawear & Merchandise



Shelly Kompel
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training


Affiliate Relations / Studio Locations

Legal Enquiries

  Reva Yahya
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Registrations & Accomodations
Studio Locations



Mary Francis
Social Media and Recertification 


Lila Mahar
Franchise and Franchise Enquiries
  General Queries
Website Updates

  Report Illegal Bikram Yoga Studios & Teachers
Help keep us apprised as we continue doing our best to serve you with 100 percent, pure, original Bikram Yoga
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