News Heat Wave: Bikram Yoga Practitioners are Hot, but not Bothered

Fontana: TRG Friday report

Racing seriesĀ : GRANDAM
Date : 2005-04-01

Fontana times

TRG driver Andy Lally posted the fourth-fastest GT time in Friday practice for the Rolex Sports Car Series race at California Speedway. Lally was quick early in the day, lapping the 2.88-mile infield road course in one minute 43.297 seconds in the No. 65 Auto Gallery/TRG Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car. He and his co-driver Marc Bunting lead the Rolex Sports Car Series GT championship standings after two of 14 races.

school days

Teenagers Colin Braun and Brad Coleman, who drive the No. 64 Team16 Porsche, have learned to effectively combine school and racing. Brad Coleman attends private school in Martinsville, Va., where the teachers support his race program. "My school understands my unique situation and works with me and my scheduling," he said. "They give me my work before I leave on a race trip so I don't fall behind when I go to the races, and when I get back, they help me catch up."

Colin Braun and his brother Travis, Team16's data engineer, are home-schooled by their mother Diane. "My mom will select the curriculum and then she will assign what we are to do for the day. Then we read our books and do the work and my mom comes back and grades our work," Braun explained. "If we are really working good and doing our school quickly, it can take as little as three hours. If things are hard, it may take six hours."

hot prep

Marc Bunting has discovered the magic of yoga, but his chosen discipline isn't for the faint of heart. He practices Bikram yoga, also called hot yoga -- for good reason.

"It's a pretty good correlation to race cars," he said. "The type I do is an hour and a half, it's 104 degrees, so you're stretching as well as focusing and concentrating for the equivalent amount of time we're driving a race car. My younger brother owns a studio in Montana and he's a big proponent of it. He guaranteed to take tenths off my lap times! If nothing else, it helps mentally. You don't have to be big and bulky to be quick in a race car, you want to be flexible and able to withstand the heat."

track bonus

Colin Braun will get extra track time at Fontana. In addition to his Rolex Series duties, he will compete in his first Grand-Am Cup race, driving the No. 03 BGB Motorsports Porsche 996.



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