News Where America's Most Beautiful Women Call Home

Cities of Angels
Where America's most beautiful women call home

By: Ted Spiker

Something you didn't know about Ft. Worth, Texas: The women are amazing. We discovered the foxes of Ft. Worth when we researched where Miss America, Miss USA, and the Playmate of the Year have hailed from since 1980. Beginning with a list of more than 60 cities, we narrowed the field to those with the most winners and then figured in the total female population of each. The result: The five municipalities with the most award-winning beauties per capita. "Beautiful women probably initially flocked to these cities to work as models or entertainers, [eventually] causing more genetics for beautiful people to end up there," says Stephen Marquardt, M.D., a human-aesthetics researcher in Orange County, California. Want to see the sights? Grab this guide and go to . . .

1. Honolulu
On the beach, in the water, at the clubs -- beautiful women blanket the island of Oahu. You can hit the North Shore -- or, better, head to San Souci Beach Park. "That's where they're hanging out," says Kevin Miller, co-owner of Hawaiian Fire Surf School.

2. Ft. Worth
Over and over, we heard about one spot: 8.0 Restaurant & Bar. Go on a Thursday night, when there's live music. Or look for openings at the Kimbell Art Museum. "[Those] always bring out beautiful women," says the owner of a local modeling agency.

3. Detroit
First stop: a Red Wings or Pistons game; both have a fan base of babes. "The Pistons a little more so," says Marc Fellhauer, a producer at WRIF in Detroit. Next, go to the Bikram Yoga Studios "The classes are 70 to 80 percent women," says one local.

4. Dallas
Skip the Cowboys cheerleader tryouts and instead eat at the sushi bar Tei Tei Robata in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas. "It's cool, almost Zen-like, with amazingly attractive women," says Adam McGill, an editor at the city's D Magazine.

5. Chicago
Look for where State and Rush Streets intersect to form a triangle (nicknamed the "Viagra Triangle" because of the head-turners seen there). Best viewing area: the outdoor patio at the Tavern on Rush. Also, get a day pass to the East Bank Club gym ($20), where a member admits, "it's hard to concentrate on working out."

Men' Health Magazine, November 6th, 2003

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