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Bikram requires that all Bikram Yoga Teachers recertify every three (3) years.You may recertify prior to three years if you wish, but it is mandatory that you recertify three years from the date of your last recertification or from your graduation date.

NEW! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Updated details on recertification at Fall 2015 TT coming soon!

Please follow Step 1 and Step 2 below in order to register and pay. You must register here at least one week prior to the seminar, otherwise, you will be required to pay an additional late fee of $25. You may not register for recertification after the start of the seminar.

Please email: recertification@bikramyoga.com with any questions.

Step 1. Form:

Step 2. Payment:

Please note that this paypal button has a drop down menu:

$50 is the cost for recertification at one of Rajashree's seminars (you must pay for the seminar with the host)or Bikram's advanced seminars (not his lectures).

$25 is the late fee.

The paypal button is not connected to the registration form. Both must be filled out. Please send your paypal receipt to recertification@bikramyoga.com.

Recertification Seminar

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