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Baton Rouge, Louisiana Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a charming southern, capital city that needs a Bikram studio! The metropolitan area is home to over 800,000 people and the state's largest university - Geaux Tigers! We have a diverse population and unique regional culture. There are multiple hospitals, an airport, and international corporations that draw people from all areas of the world. The only other Bikram studio in the State resides in New Orleans, more than 70 miles away. Because of our proximity to Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans, many residents are familiar with Bikram and have practiced in other cities. I have no doubt a studio would thrive! Thanks! Amy  (052114)

Laramie, Wyoming Laramie is a charming college town in southeastern Wyoming only 60 miles from Fort Collins, Colorado and about 2 1/2 hours from Denver. There are approximately 36,000 people and a number of thriving businesses. But, we need a Bikram studio. Many of us actually travel to Colorado on the weekends to attend classes. Laramie is very close to world class rock climbing and other outdoors activities. I know a studio would do well here. If you are looking for a beautiful, affordable, active community to move to, please consider Laramie. There are currently no studios in all of Wyoming-- you could be the first!


Kolkata, India I am moving from the U.S. to Kolkata this month and am very disappointed there is no Bikram yoga studio in the city where Bikram studied yoga itself! In a city of 5 million, how could this not succeed?


Powell River , British Columbia, Canada My city has over 20,000 people and is filled with yoga studios but offers no hot yoga of any sort. We are a city committed to health, fitness and spirituality. I feel strongly that a Bikram Yoga studio would do well in Powell River if only someone would open one up. I can guarantee that I would be their first costumer!
I really hope someone will seriously consider my request. There is no other exercise that makes me feel as strong and beautiful as Bikram. For more information about Powell River please visit: http://www.discoverpowellriver.com/
Thank you,


Lisbon, Portugal There is no Bikram Yoga in Portugal! I can help out if you are interested in setting up a studio here. I am an experienced Bikram yoga student and would be available to be your right hand.
Also, if you are a yogi/yogini interested in practicing Bikram yoga in Lisbon, please let me know. This information would help gauge the interest of a potential Bikram yoga community in Lisbon and encourage those considering opening a studio here.
Namaste!Dulce Fernandes: dulce00@gmail.com

COTTAGE GROVE, OREGON We desperately need a Bikram studio in this gorgeous little Oregon town. Cottage Grove is 30 minutes from Eugene, an hour from the ocean, green and beautiful, surrounded by mountains and outdoor recreation opportunities. There is a community of yogis just waiting for you to open a studio!    (112112)

Juneau, Alaska Please open a studio in Juneau, Alaska!  (120211)

Rhinebeck, New York Please start a Bikram studio in the Rhinebeck/Woodstock, area of New York state! Though Yoga Journal just named Woodstock one of the U.S.'s top 10 yoga towns, the nearest Bikram studio is over 60 miles away -- dedicated yogis have to drive much too far! You and your teachers will love it here: this gorgeous Hudson River Valley area is a top vacation spot yet when you crave the big city, NYC is only 90 minutes away by commuter train. Rhinebeck (yes, site of Chelsea’s wedding) is the home of the famous Omega Institute, and Woodstock is THAT Woodstock. Given Rhinebeck’s health-conscious yuppies, Omega’s New Agers, and Woodstock’s artists and musicians, it’s a natural for Bikram. Amazing no one’s thought of it yet. So please hurry to this beautiful, yoga-savvy, Bikram-deprived place!  (080511)

Indianapolis, Indiana needs a Bikram Yoga studio.  I am a certified teacher (Fall 2003) willing to teach and/or partner with you in opening. Thank you, Tina timari3271@yahoo.com  (072011)

Istanbul, Turkey There are more than 25 yoga studios/centers in Istanbul now. The Turks and especially the Istanbulites are very interested in Yoga,and this interest keeps increasing. I guess that there is a Bikram yoga studio in every capital or cosmopolite city around the world now.Considering the city's size and geographical position,I think that we would even at least need one in both continent. It is a big pity that there isn't still one in a country like Turkey. My opinion is that Istanbul is in need for one; not only for Istanbulites but also expats living here. Please open one soon..i will be the first one there.  (061711)

Chicago, Illinois For those of us who live in Northwest Indiana (Gary, Hammond, East Chicago) near the border of Illinois/Chicago, we will be delighted to practice Bikram Yoga EVERYDAY. Chicago is very far to travel to practice.
Bikram Yoga studio(s) in Northwest Indiana will attract a HUGE market from both Indiana, and from the cities and suburbs south of Chicago near the Indiana border (Lansing, Calumet City, Harvey, etc.).  (022411)

Champaign, Illinois Please consider bringing Bikram's Yoga to Champaign, Illinois! Champaign is a large college town two hours south of Chicago. I recently completed a month of daily practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico and am interested in developing a local studio; I would be interested in completing the teaching training program in cooperation with an enthusiastic, established teacher willing to relocate to Champaign. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you. stasiasiena@yahoo.com  (071510)

Troy, MI please open a studio at Troy, MI. There will be a lot of customers. We have to drive so far to go to a studio.  (110610)

Keene, NH This is a lovely college town in western NH near the Vermont border with the closest Bikram yoga studio being an hour and a half in any direction. I will provide any support i can and would love to help find/design/possibly help finance a studio just so i can have classes near by! I do not have the opportunity to become an Bikram instructor at this time, but do have a massage practice and would love to branch out by creating a Bikram studio in my area. Thanks! Jennifer : tahomaluna@hotmail.com   (050510)

West Sussex, UK
Any future teachers or students to open Bikram yoga studio somewhere in West Sussex UK? Addict of bikram yoga :o) practicing in Prague now moving to Crawley.
Lucie   (101509)

Indianapolis, Indiana As yoga becomes a discipline that increases in need across all ages, I am sure it brings opportunities to expand your business.
I got into the bikram scene about 2 years ago and I prefer the idea of training in a heated room because it allows ones body to accomplish and stretch so much more.
I really hope that you consider Indianapolis, Indiana as your next location to expand business.
I will be the first there with my yoga mat.
Thank you

Oklahoma City, OK Capital City badly in need of Bikram Yoga. Many people are familiar with Bikram as there are a number of studios in Dallas (3 hours away). Population:1.4 Million. Oklahoma City offers a diverse landscape of hip, urban culture and charming, old-fashioned neighborhoods. Oklahomans are active and energetic, making OKC a perfect place for yoga. I am a certified teacher (Fall 07) who would love to teach, but in no place financially to open a studio of my own, but willing to aid in any way possible!
joan.malia@gmail.com   (091409)

Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada Studio Needed in Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada! This is a booming wealthy town, because of the Oil sands (Suncor, Albian, Syncrude…etc all here plus lots of other companies for logistics, support and services to the oil industry)
$$$$$$$$$$$ Abundance of opportunities for a Bikram hot yoga studio! $$$$$$$$$$$$
We are desperately in NEED of Bikram Yoga!!!
Thanks! Namasté ,

Columbia, Missouri A studio in Columbia Missouri is needed. Columbia is a college town with about 100,000 residents and nearly 30,000 college students. It would be a great location for a studio! Please contact me to talk about how we can make this happen!

Cathy Thomas


Copenhagen, Denmark A Bikram center in Copenhagen, Denmark is most wanted.

Ida Peters

Fayetteville, Arkansas We desperately need a studio here in Fayetteville, Arkansas (pop. 72,000) It is a beautiful location in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. We have the largest University in the state with over 19,000 students. A studio here would flourish. Had I the time and finances, I'd do it myself. But currently, that is not an option (maybe some day, if no one else does!).

Kevin Henley

Rogers/Fayetteville, Arkansas Rogers/Fayetteville, Arkansas is in need of a Bikram Yoga school. Come open a studio in northwestern Arkansas where life is beautiful and the air is clean. Fayetteville is home to the world famous Arkansas University, go Razorbacks!, and was recently named by Forbes Magazine as the second best area in the US for economic recovery.   (082914)

Florence, Italy FLORENCE ITALY - We need a Bikram studio! Would you consider Florence, Italy as your new home and the place to set up your studio? There is a lot of interest in Bikram yoga here and I am sure a studio would be a success. This could be a great business opportunity and a wonderful place to live. There are no hot yoga studios in Florence and there is a large overseas university study program here that brings in 8000-10000 American students every year. There are only 4 bikram studios in all of Italy and they are all a great distance from Florence and Tuscany. My friends and I have to make a very expensive trip up to Bologna Italy to practice. I hope someone will read this and consider the possibility. Please email me if you want me to generate interest if you are coming. dawn_hanson@yahoo.com   (122714)

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Please encourage one of your teachers to open a studio here! It would likely be very profitable!!!! There's only 1 real yoga studio here that is so/so in a town of 100,000 people (double that amount during University of Alabama football season). This city offers a good quality of life and it is a major University town. Our closest major city is Birmingham, AL, which is an hour away. There are tons of other exercise franchises (pure Barre, kickboxing, cross fits) here in a city full of athletes, but nothing like Bikram. There are also many private schools, 2 major country clubs and sororities/fraternities whose patrons can afford this type of "necessary luxury." Please come to t-town! That's my two-cents....  (020215)

In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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