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Teacher Training FAQs

1. What are the prerequisites for the teacher training?   
2. What if there is no Bikram Yoga studio where I live?  
3. When is the last date to register for the teacher training?  
4. How can I secure my enrollment in the training?  
5. How many students are in a teacher training session?  
6. When is Check In time?  
7. Does everyone who completes the program receive the Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification?  
8. How many Yoga costumes should I bring?  
9. Should I bring a Yoga Mat?  
10. What about the Dialogue?  
11. What kind of clothes should I bring?  
12. How do I wash my clothes?  
13. Should I bring any extra nutritional supplements?  
14. Can I cook in the room?  
15. Should I bring writing utensils?  
16. Are there supermarkets close by?  
17. What will the Hotel provide?  
18. Can I email my paperwork?  
19. How much of the dialogue should I know in advance of training?  
20. Can I book my own accommodation?  
21. What is the minimum deposit I can pay to secure my place at the training?  
22. How do I make a payment by bank transfer?  
23. Can I get a letter from my doctor instead of the medical waiver?  
24. Can I attend the training if I am under 21 years?  
25. Where can I get drinking water?  
26. What is the cancellation and refund policy?  
27. Can I get information on opening a school?  
28. Can I bring my child with me to training?  
29. How do I find a roommate?  
30. How can I find my own roommate?  
I want to become a Bikram yoga teacher because I have an intense desire to share my passion and enthusiasm for the practice with other people.I have personally experienced amazing physical healing from traumatic injuries through the practice.

I have had such amazing healing and strengthening experiences (both physically and psychologically) since beginning this practice.One year later I quit smoking and began practicing Bikram yoga.

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