Which major Religion does not rake in billions per year?

I just read "The Mantra of Money". The article made no secret of the author's contempt of the 'guru' making money whilst teaching the 'religion' of yoga. Perhaps the author would care to show his fairness. If he is angry about $6 million/yr, how about the billions raked in by all major religions? No doubt that should make him very angry? And what is the difference in spirituality of the respective followers, if any ? So what someone makes money, all religions make money, except maybe Mother Teresa.

Published: 09/13/2002  


Wrapped too tight

I think the article is funny. The author takes one class and with one interview passes judgement. It seems that he has a predetermined idea about which he would like to make his point. I take Bikram's - I'm no devotee in the sense that I need no Guru. I derive my sense of self worth for my own self belief. As far as the money - this is Amwerica - America is capatalism - he has something people want - so he makes money. Eco 101. If what he has wasn't of value his "scam" wouldn't last - but it has and does. Why - because it has benifits that are real. Dont look for enlightenment from him - find it yourself.

Published: 09/10/2002  


yoga arrived3

So why not go after Bikram? He is an easy target. A driven, successful immigrant who speaks freely and frankly. A man who is fervant about yoga because of the role it played in healing his own debilitating injuries. The man who publicly holds you accountable when he catches you being a slacker. The man who stands by his program as the "one and only" because of the high standards he holds it to. Travel worldwide and take a Bikram's class. You will find a consistent practical program that incorporates beginners to advanced students in an efficient way. Sounds like a recipe for success to me. If you want to call yourself a business journalist, take a look at what makes Bikram's a success.

Published: 09/10/2002  


Yoga arrived2

The success of yoga represents a threat to many established institutions. Imagine if doctor visits declined because preventative medicine actually worked. Imagine that instead of taking a doctor prescribed pill for your lower back pain you took pro-active steps to address the cause not the symptoms. I know for a fact that many feel threatened by yoga as a challenge to today's conventional religions. Our local schools just eliminated it's yoga ed program prior to implementation because of a perceived threat to the seperation of church and state. Apparently, practicing yoga leads one to seek religious inspiration beyond traditional sources.

Published: 09/10/2002  


Yoga has arrived

Anybody who has maintained a strict yoga regimen for over a year can tell you about the health benefits they have derived. Nowadays I sleep like a log and jump out of bed in the morning energized to begin the day. My "recovery" time following impact sports has improved significantly. My ability to concentrate has improved as well as my approach to learning and taking on new goals. Even my diet has improved. Thankfully, I do not suffer any serious maladies but many will tell you thet they have been "saved" by yoga after traditional medicine failed them. Nobody denies the benefits of sound yoga practice. So why bogus articles like this?

Published: 09/10/2002  


twisted philisophies

Think about it this way. We pay millions of dollars to fast food companies, candy corporations and those people who poison our air and rob our health and we seem to be pretty happy to make them rich and famous. Why do we deny and envy a Yogi - who is at least giving us back something healthy in exchange - even if it is as simple as self-awareness - to live a healthy rich and famous life??

Published: 09/26/2002  


I like Bikram yoga -- because it works

I've tried gym yoga and found it lacking in consistancy of teachers and practice. I tried other forms and settled on Bikram's method. The studio where I practice is full of poeple who love it. The owner of the studio says Bikram has never asked for a cent from her operation, and she is making a decent living. Bikram is colorful, Rodney Yee is cute -- or a "stud muffin" -- but that doesn't affect me. Doing the hot yoga does affect me for the better, and that is what counts for me.

Published: 09/13/2002  


How come there's no link to post about benefits derived from yoga?

I guess that would be too positive for people eh? By presenting the article this way lots of people have another excuse to pooh pooh yoga, enlightenment, exercise and who knows what else? This article was poorly researched, slanted sensationalist crap -- and it offends people who practice yoga because they FEEL better afterward. Shame on you Business 2.0! But then again, I guess an article stating "People heal themselves and find stress relief from yoga, yogi's practice capitalism while helping people" wouldn't sell many mags.

Published: 09/13/2002  


Another irrelevant article from an irrelevant magazine

Remember when Biz 2.0 was an inch thick and full of insights like "profit doesn't matter -- just grab turf" and so on? Now it takes a look at yoga from the tried and true "lets see how we can rip this thing apart" point of view. The point that is missed is that yoga HELPS PEOPLE!!! Yes, Bikram is a huckster, Yee had an affair -- so what!! So -- they're human and are Westernized? WOW!! BIG STORY!! I know Bikram -- and he's pretty off the wall sometimes -- but he has helped me -- and thousands of others with his yoga. I don't begrudge him his watch a bit.

Published: 09/13/2002