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  Fremont, CA Fremont Bikram Yoga
We are currently hiring for full-time and a part-time teaching positions at the new Bikram school located in beautiful Fremont, CA, in the Bay Area, close to San Jose and San Francisco. The new school is rapidly establishing a supportive yoga community. We are looking for teachers that have a passion for teaching, love students, are personable, and have a strong dialog. Full time is 10-12 classes per week; part-time 4-6 classes per week. We would love to meet you. Please contact Christian at BikramHotYogaCentralFremont@gmail.com

  USA   032415

  Auckland Achel Bikram Yoga Botany
Auckland, New Zealand. Achel Bikram Yoga Botany is looking for a passionate, energetic dialogue driven teachers with a dedicated practice to start in May 2015. 7 to 10 classes a week for a minimum of 6 months - will consider shorter minimum term. Short term accomodation available on site - we will help you find longer term accomodation close to the studio. New and experienced teachers welcome to apply. We have a thriving yoga community who embrace visiting teachers. References required. www.achel.co.nz
Email Ellen at info@achel.co.nz

  New Zealand   031715

  Tucson, Arizona Bikram Yoga Tucson
Seeking 2-4 Bikram certified teachers. Start tomorrow! Teacher housing on the owner's property is available to encourage you to join us and make it easy to jump in, teach classes and check out Tucson. If we discover a mutual fit after a week or two, you can decide to teach for a specified period of time, or teach for an open, ongoing basis. For those interested in having their own studio, we can discuss a potential part or full ownership pathway. All ages, experiences and backgrounds of Bikram Certified Teachers are encouraged to join us.
Tucson is surrounded by hiking trails, mountains, a health-conscious community, where you can enjoy the sunshine in flip-flops 365 days a year. Tucson is an easy place to live, save money and enjoy each day.
We will consider flying in candidates who have immediate availability (airports: TUS or PHX). If that's you, call us, pack your bag, get down here. After we pick you up at the airport, we'll make sure you have everything you need.
Call Bob or Emily: (520) 240-9642, or email bob@bikramyogatucson.com. Thank you!

  USA   030915

  Dunedin Bikram Yoga Dunedin
Teracher wanted in Dunedin New Zealand starting April 1st, we have a great community here and an established studio in the heart of the city. Accomodation provided. If you have great dialouge, energy and love to practice then come hang out with us for the winter-for more details please contact Donna@bikramyogadunedin.com. Go to our website Bikramyogadunedin.com for more info.

  New Zealand   022015

  Beijing Bikram Yoga Beijing
Bikram Yoga Beijing, the first authentic Bikram Yoga school in Beijing, is currently looking for certified teachers, preferably experienced teachers with a strong dialogue in English or Chinese. The chosen candidate must be passionate about Bikram yoga, also have regular practice with deeply understanding of the posture. Bikram Yoga Beijing is very friendly and welcoming yoga school with strong and mature yoga community. We provide 8-14 classes per week and nice living accommodation with 2 mins walking-distant to school. We also welcome new teachers and travelling teachers to practice and teach here. If interested, please email your details (resume/references/3 posture photos) to us at info@bikramyogajingzhichan.com, or lx8858@live.cn, thank you! Also you are welcome to visit www.bikramyogabeijing.com

  China   022015

  Houston, Texas Bikram yoga Sugarland
Bikram yoga Sugarland- Houston TX is looking for a Certified Bikram yoga teacher beginning in March 23rd. We have a wonderful yoga community. Our students are loyal and dedicated to Bikram yoga. We are seeking responsible, honest, compassionated teacher who would like to teach for full-time up to 10 classes per week. Minimum commitment until end of June. Low cost housing is available. You must have your own transportation. Please send email and your postures ( 3 kinds) to naomiako@gmail.com Thank you. http://bikramyogasugarland.com/

  USA   022015

Bikram Yoga Palm Desert - El Paseo is seeking a Certified Bikram Instructor Beginning in April 2015 . We are looking for responsible, energetic teachers who have at least 2 years experience with references to teach our solid student base of core students who have been loyal to the pure Bikram method for 10+ years!! Housing is available if needed and salary is based on housing needs and level of teaching. THIS IS A WONDERFUL YOGA/ FAMILY COMMUNITY. PLEASE CONTACT annmarie @bikramyogapalmdesert.com if interested.

  USA   020415

  Armidale Bikram Yoga New England
Bikram Yoga New England is looking for a part/ full time teacher to start immediately. Travelling teachers are welcome. We are looking for a passionate, honest, hard- working and dedicated individual to become part of warm and growing yoga community. Strong dialogue is a must. We can help arrange accommodation. Class pay contingent on experience. We are located in Armidale, a small rural town, half way between Sydney and Brisbane. For more details please contact jo@bikramyoganewengland.com.au.

  New South Wales   013015

  Nijmegen Bikram Yoga Nijmegen
Hi Bikram teacher.
For a bit over 2 years I am running a Bikram school in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The school has a warm, open atmosphere. Per week there are about 3 teachers teaching. We teach an encouraging, loving and disciplined class. I am looking for a teacher who wants to be my right hand in the studio, work with me long term, minimum two years, will live in Nijmegen, can or wants to learn to speak Dutch and is eager to have a part in developing the studio. You have good social skills, are able to connect with me, with the teachers and the students inside and outside the yoga room.
You will be teaching minimum 6 classes per week plus have a part in the studio management, that is you have an overview and see what needs to be done, you communicate with the students via email, social media, have a part in marketing, give directions to the karma team, develop ideas and take initiative to realize them. With your input more students start practicing and will continue to practice.
Payment conditions: 45 - 60 euro per class, depending on experience, plus 400 euro per month for the studio management. Your income after taxes will be approx. between Euro 1250 and Euro 1500 per month. Having a 10% share of the annual profit belongs to the possibilities.
Non European teachers have to be willing to put effort into the Dutch "green card" procedure.
Are you interested in both teaching and managing a studio with a great atmosphere, and looking for a beautiful town with friendly people and great natural surroundings to settle, write to me and attach your CV and pictures of you in 3 postures (info@bikramyoganijmegen.nl). I will collect all response until the first of February. Please prepare yourself to visit the studio for a week in February as I close the procedure March 1th. Latest starting time is June 2015. Looking forward to your reaction.
Danielle Mainzer

  Netherlands   012815

  Canberra Bikram Yoga Canberra, Australia
Bikram Yoga Canberra, Australia is looking for a full time Bikram Yoga Teacher/ Manager to start as soon as possible. This is a permanent position, the chosen candidate must want to live and work in Canberra and have the following skills:

At least 3 years experience of teaching Bikram Yoga
Ability to teach an authentic, strong, dialogue driven Bikram Yoga class with integrity and compassion
Lead by example and commit to a regular Bikram Yoga practice
Be passionate about Bikram Yoga and be willing to undertake further training including seminars and posture clinics.
Support and encourage clients by giving corrections, modifications and advice.
Be able to manage the front desk effectively by having excellent in-depth knowledge of Mindbody Online software.
Excellent customer service skills in person and on the phone
Ability to sell correct membership packages to clients
Ensuring reception is always fully stocked with appropriate merchandise
Experience of working with children. Willingness to be involved in teaching Bikram Yoga for Kids (ages 5-12 years)

If you are interested please contact hello@bikramcanberra.com.au with your resume, recording of your class and at least 2 references. Excellent remuneration package will be given to the right candidate.

  Australia   011215

  West Loop, Chicago Bikram Yoga West Loop
Bikram Yoga West Loop is looking for solid Bikram Teachers. In addition to initial accommodation up to 6-8 weeks you will have the opportunity to teach 5-10 classes per week. Plenty of opportunity to learn as we are still a newer studio getting established, but we share a unique passion for Boss and his teaching alone. You should be able to talk to students using Bikram dialogue (verbatim) and not just recite it from your head. In addition, you will be required to help with usual studio tasks --tidy up the place before and after the class, inspire students and demonstrate ownership. This will also determine the amount you can expect to receive for teaching.. We also welcome and truly enjoy visiting teachers and can provide accommodation at the studio for short visits. If this is of interest to you, reach out to us immediately. Sincerely, Naveed Abidi, Director, Bikram Yoga West Loop - Chicago info@bikramyogawestloop.com 312 316 3275

  USA   010715

  San Ramon, Northern California Bikram Yoga San Ramon
Looking for teachers to start teaching immediately at Bikram Yoga San Ramon, located in Northern California. Beautiful studio with very friendly and dedicated students. Family-run studio with lots of heart, truly a wonderful place to teach. Please email Katie Keefe at katiekeefe14@gmail.com for more information if you are interested. Thank you and Namaste!

  USA   122914

In March of 2002 my heart beat increased to 200 beats per minute. The electrical current in my heart malfunctioned due to the scar tissue from my 1985 heart attack. My good health from practicing Bikram yoga kept me alive.

This testimonial is the story of my personal recovery from debilitating pain from herniated discs through the practice of Bikram Yoga. This yoga gave me back my life.

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