Bikram Yoga Franchise

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Inside Our Studios

You can fully enjoy the benefits of this Yoga series only in Bikram approved studios. These studios are located throughout the world. They are built in such a way that you always get the proper heating (104ºF) which helps you do your postures optimally.

Only Bikram certified teachers can instruct classes in these studios. Thus you always learn the pure, clean and original Bikram Yoga.

Numerous studies have been made throughout the world about the benefits of yoga. It is high time that you should find a nearest Bikram Yoga Studio and enroll today!

What can you expect from your first class?

Basic Guidelines of Bikram Yoga

  • Carpet is the only approved flooring. No other flooring is allowed including rubber, PVC, cork, wood, etc.
  • Mirrors must be on the front wall. Two or three walls are recommended with three walls being ideal.
  • Temperature: 105f degree Heat / 40% Humidity. (Temperature can be adjusted for extremes in humidity; low humidity + higher temperature; high humidity + lower temperature)
  • Only Bikram certified teachers can instruct classes.
  • Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is permitted. No other styles of yoga (power, flow, etc.), Pilates, martial arts, silent classes, children’s classes, prenatal, music, or candlelight classes can be conducted.
  • Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class dialogue must be used. (Most Current Version.)
  • All classes are 90 minutes long.
  • No physical contact, hands on corrections or adjustments of students is permitted (with the exception of Bikram).
  • No Advanced Postures in the Beginning Series.
  • Bright/full lighting throughout class. (Lights dimmed only after Final Savasana)
  • Water is allowed during class. Bikram suggests the 1st water break take place after Eagle Pose, and then drink water as needed.
  • Hand towels are optional.
  • Students are encouraged to stay in the room for the entire class. The key to Bikram’s beginning series is the sequence of the postures. Therefore, the benefits of the class will only be fully realized by complete participation. Teachers should check on students who need to leave the room.
  • 20 second Savasanas during the floor series. There is no standing savasana.
  • Teachers to teach from the podium at the front of the room. No teaching from the back of the room; teachers to stand while teaching the class.
  • Wireless headsets are recommended for all studios. It is easier for students to hear the dialogue. It also saves wear and tear on the teacher’s vocal chords.
  • Do not turn yoga mats at any point during the class.
  • Final Savasana is the most important savasana of class; it is not optional. This is where the body can reap the rewards of the entire class.
  • Music is permitted after class.
  • Clapping is not encouraged at the end of class (with the exception of spontaneous recognition of new students).

Studio Guidelines

  • Studios are owned exclusively by Bikram certified teachers. (No investors.)
  • Stand alone facility: no shared reception or locker rooms. Any adjacent establishment must retain a separate entrance.
  • The only approved amenities allowed include: retail, massage, sauna, and juice bar. No other healing arts, chiropractic, etc., are permitted.
  • Seminars/posture clinics given only by senior teachers approved by Bikram.
  • Bikram Yoga retreats are not to be offered by studio owners or teachers.
  • Showers are mandatory. (Current Guidelines)
  • 3000 square feet minimum. (Current Guidelines)
  • Yoga Studio should have a 3 to 1 ratio.
  • Studios must use the name Bikram Yoga or Bikram Yoga College of India.
  • Advanced class is taught only at Headquarters in Los Angeles by Bikram and Emmy. Outside of LA, advanced class can be practiced by teachers with no instruction. We have not trained or authorized teachers to teach the advanced series.
  • It is highly recommended that Studio Owners & Teachers refrain from romantic relationships with students & others within their BYCI community.
  • Teachers are to conduct themselves in accordance with the code of ethics and their teaching training agreement.
  • In addition, all studio owners are to operate in accordance with their affiliation agreement.