Teacher Training Curriculum

Please read Bikram Yoga Teacher Training curriculum below.

I. Yoga Philosophy--As an introduction to the theory and practice of hatha yoga, Bikram will give an introductory series of talks on yoga philosophy as outlined below.

A. Four Steps of Life

  1. Brahmacharya - Renunciation
  2. Garahasthya - Family Life
  3. Banaprasthya - Non-attachment
  4. Sanyas - Asceticism

B. Eight Kinds of Yoga

  1. Karma Yoga - Work or Action
  2. Hatha Yoga - Physical
  3. Raja Yoga - Mental
  4. Vedanta Yoga - Philosophical
  5. Bhakti Yoga - Devotional
  6. Mantra Yoga - Mantra Chanting
  7. Laya Yoga - Esoteric
  8. Jnana Yoga - Wisdom

C. Human Concepts

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Soul

D. Eight Characteristics of Yoga

  1. Yama - Don'ts
  2. Niyama - Do's
  3. Asana - Postures
  4. Pranayama - Breath Control - Life Force Control
  5. Pratyahara - Internalization
  6. Dhana - Meditation
  7. Dharana - Realization
  8. Samadhi - Absorption

E. Five Steps of Hatha Yoga

  1. Asana
  2. Pranayama
  3. Mudra
  4. Kriya
  5. Bandha

II. Theory and Practice Bikram's Hatha Yoga System

1. Basic System

Through demonstration and individual practice, Bikram will personally guide you through the theory and practice of the Bikram's Basic Yoga System which includes twenty-eight postures and two pranayamas.

2. Complete System of Eighty-Four

Through demonstration by Bikram, you will gain an understanding of the complete eighty-four poses (Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Kriyas and Bandhas) which make up the Hatha yoga system.

III. Allopathic Physical Systems--Guest medical doctor specialists from the U.S. and India will familiarize you with the various aspects the human body system.

A. Anatomy

  1. Osteology
  2. Myology
  3. Neurology
  4. Viscerology
  5. Endocrinology

B. Physiology

  1. Kinesiology
    • a. Skeletal System
    • b. Muscular System
    • c. Nervous system
  2. Visceral System
  3. Endocrine System
  4. Immune System

C. Nutrition


D. Pathology - Chronic and Acute Diseases and Disorders

  1. Skeletal
  2. Muscular
  3. Neurological
  4. Visceral
  5. Glandular

IV. Yogic Physical Systems--In order to understand the sometimes called esoteric human systems, specialists will present the following subjects.

A. Subtle Anatomy

  1. Energy Fields
  2. Energy Flow
  3. Energy Regeneration

B. Chakric System - Seven Main Chakras

  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology

V. Integration of Medical and Yogic Systems--Here Bikram will tie together the East and the West as he discusses the methods and processes for total human physical and mental well being

  • A. Biochemical balance
  • B. Balance Between Body and Mind
  • C. Enhancement of Major Body Functions
  • D. Description of the benefits of each posture for the healthy person

VI. Yoga Therapy

A. Application of asanas to chronic and acute diseases and disorders

Bikram will present the postures which may be used to correct particular chronic and acute diseases and disorders

B. Correct Alignment of Asanas

  1. Importance of correct form to achieve therapeutic results and produce anatomical benefits. Here Bikram will discuss and demonstrate the correct form of each posture as it should be used.
  2. Importance of partial correct form when client has physical limitations. Through demonstration and discussion, Bikram will emphasize the proper manner for entering into a posture, and the benefits of performing only the first part of posture 100% correct when that's the student's limit and the error of attempting any part of the posture until the first part is done correctly. Here he emphasizes his concept of trying the right way.
  3. Achieving maximum benefit for the functioning of all internal organs, important glands, veins, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and minute tissues . Bikram will lecture on the scientific processes of the hatha yoga system to give you a clear understanding of how hatha yoga achieves complete balance of the body.

C. Class Yoga Therapy

  1. Conducting the Basic System of Twenty-eight poses in a group arrangement. Bikram will demonstrate and discuss the proper procedures for conducting the Basic System. Through practice, you will have an opportunity to apply these principles.
  2. Modification of postures for individuals due to known problems. In actual yoga class situations, Bikram will show you how to modify poses for individuals with physical problems. He will also discuss the major diseases and the postures which should be excluded or modified from an individual's repertoire.
  3. Identification of unknown individual problems through observation. Here Bikram will show you how to identify individual physical problems which are not identified to you by the individual. Through practice, you will develop an eye to spot certain problems people have but don't think about such as tilted hip, weak limb, etc.

D. Correcting Postures

Bikram will demonstrate and through practice, you will gain an understanding of how to apply verbal and hand-on methods to help individuals correct their postures.

E. Yoga for The Infirmed

Bikram will discuss and demonstrate the special considerations required for conducting a class with a seriously infirmed person. He will introduce you to the Bikram's Yoga College of India Consulting Service which will be available to you to guide you through special problems with severely infirmed students.

VII. Marketing--As outlined below, you will learn what it take to open and operate a Bikram's Yoga College of India

A. Promotion

  1. Demonstration Methods
  2. Lecture Methods

B. Setting up a Yoga Studio

  1. Facility and Requirements
  2. How to Conduct Classes
  3. How to Get New Students
  4. How to Hold Students
  5. Administration
    • a. Secrets of how to run a yoga studio.
    • b. Tracking Students
    • c. Banking and Financing
  6. How Bikram's Yoga College of India will help you get started.
  7. Bikram's Yoga College of India Affiliation Plan

VIII. In addition--Special guest speakers will be featured

Fall 2015 Phuket, Thailand

NEW LOCATION: SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak (Phuket) Resort & Spa in Thailand

NEW DATES: Sunday, October 4, 2015 thru Saturday, December 5, 2015

CANCELED due to unforeseen circumstances, Harrah's Atlantic City Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Location SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort and Spa
Address: 30/7 Moo 7, Bang Muang District, Amphur Takua-Pa, Phang-nga 82000 Thailand
Phone:+66 76 584 150

On October 4th student registration begins at 1 pm followed by Orientation at 3 pm and Opening party 7pm.
Your first yoga class is on Monday afternoon.

Graduation is Saturday December 5th at 3pm and followed by Graduation party at 7 pm.
The hotel rooms are available until December 6th for 11 am check out.

This training Bikram has requested all students send three photos of the following postures in order to be approved for training.
-Standing Head to knee.
-Back bending

Once we have reviewed your postures we can confirm your place and you can make your payment.
Students must show proficiency in all postures.
Essential reading for the Fall 2015 Teacher Training Mahabharata book as retold by Krishna Dharma Torchlight Publishing available to buy here.

Travel Visa
-Please apply for a 90-day tourist visa at your local Thai embassy. Please start your visa process as soon as possible in order to ensure enough time. You must show proof of accommodation and letter of invitation in order to secure the visa. We will provide you with these documents upon receipt of your payment.
-If you are unable to obtain a 90-day tourist visa, apply for 60-day tourist visa and the hotel will arrange a 30-day extension after you arrive. NOTE: There will be a 1900 baht fee for the extension.
-Visa regulations vary from country to country. Bikram Yoga staff will help guide you to the best of our ability, but please ask your local embassy first about your country's visa requirements.

Hotel Room Standard Amenities
-Free Internet access
-Hot pot for heating water
-One free security box for per room
-Hair dryer
-One FREE 600ml bottle of drinking water per day per person per room (Please note you cannot drink tap water in Thailand)
-Water will be available to buy at the hotel, Bikram store or nearby supermarket.

Total fees

Tuition Fees + Double Occupancy : US$12,500.00 (USD Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Only) per student.

Tuition Fees + Single Room Occupancy : US$16,600.00 (USD Sixteen Thousand Six Hundred Only) per student.

Make checks payable to Bikram Yoga College of India. If paying by credit card, please complete the credit card information on the Teacher Training Agreement authorizing your credit card payment to us. If you would like to send payment through wire transfer please contact Shelly@bikramyoga.com and allow an additional $30 for bank fees (we can only confirm what reaches our account any additional bank fees will be charged to you).

For more information on the admission fee

Please read Teacher Training FAQs

Additional nights at the hotel before and after training will be charged as follows:
-$115 Deluxe Pool view Single room per night
-$135 Deluxe Pool view Double room per night (two people)
-$80 Superior Apartment Single room
-This rate includes breakfast buffet only
-For additional information and bookings please email sono@bikramyogaphuket.com

-International Buffet breakfast/ brunch 10.00 to 12.30 daily during training dates.
-International Buffet dinner 19.00 to 21.00 daily during training dates.
-Drinking water will be provided with both buffets.
-Tea and coffee will be offered with both buffets.

The closest airport to SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa Hotel is the Phuket International airport. From Aiport to hotel is 90km which is approx. 90 min in a taxi.

There will be FREE transportation to the hotel two days before training starts and after training ends. In order to facilitate your transfer from the airport to the hotel we will need your flight arrival time, flight number and arrival date.
Please ensure you email accommodations@bikramyoga.comaccommodations@bikramyoga.com. with your details once your flight is booked.
Please note the free transfer is only available to students arriving to Phuket airport who go directly to the hotel. If you decide to stay in Phuket a few days in advance of training you will be expected to make your own way to the hotel.
The Free transfer is only available to students attending the Fall 2015 TT.
There will be a charge for students arriving outside these times, $US 50 per person per way.
For the transfer booking please email sono@bikramyogaphuket.com.

FREE TRANSPORTATION from Phuket airport to the hotel before training:
-Friday 2nd October
-Saturday 3rd October
-Sunday 4th October

After training:
-Sunday 6th December
-Monday 7th December

Hotel room rate:
For extra nights before and after training please email sono@bikramyogaphuket.com to book.
-$115 Deluxe Pool view Single room per night
-$135 Deluxe Pool view Double room per night (two people)
-$80 Superior Apartment Single room
-This rate includes breakfast buffet only

Visiting Teachers, family and guests requiring hotel accommodation email sono@bikramyogaphuket.com.
-$115 Deluxe Pool view Single room per night
-$135 Deluxe Pool view Double room per night (two people)
-$80 Superior Apartment Single room

This rate includes two buffets during the dates of the training but only breakfast buffet outside the training dates.
Only family, friends and teachers who book directly with Bikram Yoga will be allowed practice with the group.
Drop in rate for yoga class will be charged as follows:

$50 for guest
$20 family member of student

The Teacher Training Team

Application for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training
Please make sure that the printer is ready. You will need the printer to get a printed copy of the application.

Do not fill out this form if you are scholarship applicant. Please see scholarship page.

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Teacher Training

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